1% PURE is an electronic dance music collaboration between Laura Lockie and Ken Lockie. The music is Techno, Tech-House with some retro Indie Dance variations on the track ‘Tell Me’. Classic analog synthesizer sounds, looped vocal phrases and swirling bass tones power these songs along. Laura provides lead vocals, Ken playing an occasional tenor saxophone. So what does the name signify? The idea for 1% pure came with the economic crash of 2008 where the rhetoric of the day called out the 99% who were suffering from the actions of the Banks. Somehow, the concentration of resources and energy gave way to the notion of 1% PURE as an artistic entity, a thing by itself, a concentration, comprised of just two people. The music reflects that concentration, distilling the essentials from Techno, Tech-House and Indie Dance. You have to hear it to appreciate this art. You can hear, stream or download 1% PURE by clicking the Get It Now or the Support buttons below.

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