The DIXON is an electronic dance music project created by Ken Lockie. It’s a Deep House dance music project with echoey Jazz keyboard runs, synthesized vocals and sound textures. Visually, the DIXON present as something you might find in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Mexico City or downtown Atlanta on Broad Street. Where does the DIXON come from? Atlanta Georgia, the NEW southeastern USA. Inside the music of the DIXON, there is also a technology aspect where recorded sounds are recycled to provide tonal contrast to the melody and rhythm. All performed within the digital domain, using recordings of vocals, acoustic guitars, congas, phone calls, street sounds, the sound sources are limitless. The energy, tone, and texture are all curated to produce something special in the mix. Speaking of mixes, all their mixes and STEMS are available here with High Definition Audio as an option. The DIXON are hard to find, blending in with all the other Dixons in music, life, and Dixon of Dock Green history. Are the DIXON anonymous? Yes. So, they are like buried treasure? Yes. You can hear, stream or download the DIXON by clicking the Get It Now or the Support buttons below.

You can find music from the DIXON on all major music platforms, on the pNUMA RECORDINGS label, also their videos are on YouTube on the Ken Lockie Films Channel. There are currently no shows or events scheduled for the DIXON, but that could change as new opportunities emerge.

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